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Winter Sports Buddies

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Updated: 08-15-2013 10:58
Funky Fish is not only a breeding place for romantic relationships, but also a place where friendships are born. Take Erwin and Erik for example, who met during a skiing holiday. A fun interview resulted in the following story:

Erik: 2011 was the first year that I joined the Funky Fish skiing trip. I was already working for Funky Fish at the time. During this trip, my tasks were to be a back-up tour guide and learning to snowboard. I discovered I am a well crafted bully on the slopes.

Erwin: In 2010 I befriended an employee of Bas Travel, and so I was their main tour guide during the 2011 trip. I didn’t have any experience, but they put me in charge with 100 students aged 14-16.

Erik: During this trip, I met Erwin for the first time. We discussed a few things, but we didn’t need too much collaboration. Of course, Erwin was very busy controlling the loose teenagers.

Erwin: In 2012 Bas Travel decided to throw me in the deep end again; I had to guide a tour together with Erik. I didn’t really know him, but I did know he could not snowboard at all. I did have a specific task for him, though. His experience as a teacher made him the perfect candidate to lead the evening meetings.

Erik: Those meetings were amazing, of course. There was a lot of laughing, but some were really touched by my words smiley. Meanwhile, Erwin made sure that everything went according to plan. Basically our tasks were divided really well. Together we guaranteed that nobody was left out of the group. We made it a personal goal to spend some time with everyone, both on the slopes and at the hotel, and we did it.

Erwin: After this holiday, something beautiful was blooming. It was a beautiful summer, so my garden looked perfect. After the 2012 trip we wanted to surpass the previous success. Erik started calling very early in the year, because he wants to have everything organized on forehand. I am more the type to roll with the punches. In March of 2013 we had 60 new people on our bus. We had a great time from the start.

Erik: It was good to see that we had a less clear division between our tasks. Erwin took the microphone in the bus, and I helped with some more practical manners. This holiday was a perfect occasion to get to know each other even better. Erwin and I aren’t alike at all, but when it comes to God and faith, we are on the same page. Maybe that’s the basis of our friendship.

Erwin: Despite the distance between our towns, we regularly contact each other. Erik needs me as a party animal for Funky Fish parties and for this summer I am a tour guide for a trip to the Dolomites.

Erik: It’s about time I see Erwin’s home and try out his weird hobby 4wheeldrive. But all kidding aside, it’s fun to work with Erwin. He may seem tough on the outside, but he has a big heart. Ladies...

Erwin: Why, thank you. But we really should have a beer sometime soon. Speaking of my weird hobby, it’s not as if your Renault Twingo is the talk of the town.
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Fourteen years later Funky Fish ©
Fourteen years later
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