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Fourteen years later

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Updated: 08-21-2013 11:57
In October of 2009, fourteen years after they’ve last seen each other at their elementary school, they meet again on Funky Fish. Their Funky meeting has passionate consequences. Kristian is 25 years old, a student in Management and Entertainment, and lives on his own in the city of Bloemendaal. Liesanne is 22 and getting her teacher’s degree in Visual Arts and Design. She still lives with her parents in Ijmuiden. They’ve both had their shares of relationships and dates, but they still haven’t found that one person that makes them feel like they can be themselves and gets the best out of them.

A familiar face
With renewed energy, Liesanne dives into the world of Funky Fish to closely examine every nice man in detail. Without even suspecting the least, she selects Kristian’s profile, studies his picture and immediately recognizes this good looking young man. This isn’t some random Kristian, this is that one Kristian she had a crush on when she was eight years old! Right away, she sends him a tactical message that he just has to answer. One day later, she indeed has her reply. In his reply, Kristian uses the exact same method of messaging.

No more waiting
After one week of throwing 'bottles' and instant messenger, Liesanne and Kristian cannot wait any longer. They have to meet each other. On a Sunday afternoon, Kristian invites Liesanne over at his house. He made quite an effort in cleaning up the place. They are both nervous, but the love at first sight is obvious from the start. After a conversation of hours they decide to go for a ride along the Bloemendaal and Zandvoort boulevard. The Dutch rain keeps them in the car, where Kristian confesses to Liesanne that he really likes her. Liesanne shyly looks at him and says, ‘I like you, too.’ It’s the start of their being together.

A decorated day
Two and a half years later, Kristian prepares a wedding proposal with some help from his sisters and his brother-in-law. He waits until April 15, 2012. On that day he lures Liesanne into the woods, where he has prepared a special tree. She thinks that Kristian just wants to go for a walk before his birthday party commences, but when they get to the tree, she is mainly surprised at how the tree is decorated. It just happens to look like everything she had in mind for her wedding. ‘What a perfect coincidence’, Kristian says as he gets down on one knee and proposes. Later, his birthday party turns out to be a celebration of their engagement.

Liesanne and Kristian get married on June 21, 2013 in Haarlem. The day is completed by the presence of family, friends and acquaintances, together with all the special moments. The rain, which is ever present even on their wedding day, does not affect their moods in the slightest.

If love did not exist, we wouldn’t be on this course. Staring at my own two feet, I would be missing yours - Impression of Liesanne’s vows
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