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Meet the parents

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Updated: 01-20-2014 14:34
Laura works as a child development researcher and Martin is a PhD student in cancer research. Both Laura and Martin were active on Funky Fish for some period of time before they got in contact with each other.

Yes or no?
Martin was able to see that Laura had checked out Martin's profile and Laura's profile immediately drew him in. He liked her pictures and was impressed by her enthusiastic description of herself. So he sent her a message. Laura at that time was already talking to two other guys and didn't really feel like adding a third conversation. Her sister and mother, however, were of a different opinion and persuaded her to respond nevertheless. She kept up a polite conversation, but she didn't ask Martin any questions herself. Martin was not at all put of by this and kept firing away at Laura. This sparked Laura's curiosity and the conversation took a turn. From then on their messages got longer and more frequent, and Laura began asking questions in her turn.

Meet the parents
Laura and Martin decided to meet for a date. Their first face-to-face meeting exceeded their expectations. Laura was even nicer than Martin had imagined and the feeling was mutual.
Laura's mother was curious to see how the date was going and invited the two of them over for their family barbecue. Laura didn't hesitate, took up the invitation and asked Martin whether he was interested. What a way to end a first date smiley Martin had a good feeling about Laura and decided to give it a go. After all, it was a perfect summer day for a barbecue! You need to meet the parents sooner or later and of course Laura's mother gave Martin the seal of approval right away. One thing led to another and Martin felt that the conversation was easy and natural, so it was late in the night that Martin said Laura goodbye.

From that date one, not a day went by that they didn't speak to each other. It didn't take many dates to realise that they were meant for each other. By this time Martin had already received the final seal of approval from Laura's mother, so he soon popped the question and asked Laura to be his girlfriend. Laura wholeheartedly said yes. By now they are engaged and are getting married in July of this year.

Tips & Tricks
Laura: “Give people a chance. Your first impression might not correspond with the type of person you're looking for. Show interest in the other and who knows how nice your conversations turn out to be.”

Martin: “Take your time to get in contact with people. Maybe you think you won't meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect online. God however, uses all tools at his disposal. One of the many profiles out there might just be the one of your true love!”
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