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Sold After A Cappucino

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Updated: 10-29-2012 10:44
Carla was about to throw in the towel. She had had some dreadful dates and she was done with Internet dating. She looked one more time at the Funky Fish homepage... And there she saw Daniel’s picture highlighted between the new profiles.

"I thought he looked really tough so I clicked on his profile. I noticed straight away that he had worked abroad as a missionary several times already. That’s quite unique for someone his age and since I had done missions a couple of years myself, I just had to send him a message!"

She asked Daniel what he had been up to abroad and made a comment about long drop toilets. Daniel: "Obviously I checked out her profile. In the first place, her pictures triggered me to reply to her email. Besides, she had acquired experience abroad as well, which appealed to me. Also I was familiar with the toilets she talked about. Our messages became ever longer and nicer, and for some odd reason, the (in)famous toilets became the red thread of our conversations."

Dating without expectations
Carla says: "I was 29 and at a point in my life where I really wanted to meet a nice man. But because I had lived abroad and didn’t have a job yet, I didn’t really meet single men. Friends told me about Christian dating site and community Funky Fish and finally I took the plunge. Of course I hoped for a serious relationship, but I also took it as a chance to find out what I find attractive in a man and to learn how to date without expectations"

For Daniel, things started about the same way. He returned from the mission field and created a profile. "To meet a nice lady”, he says. "I was on a serious search. A friend of mine had met his wife on a similar website, so I figured this would be a fun thing to do." Daniel and Carla chatted once and not long after they decided to meet one another. "It was so much fun, we went out for dinner in Hoorn, a city which was in between both our home towns", Daniel tells. "The whole evening we talked non-stop about our lives. There was this instant ‘click’, though the spark only caught on after meeting up a couple of times. Three times to be precise."

Cappuccino and cake
But only when Carla visited Daniel at his home she became really convinced. "It’s important to me that a man is able to take care of himself. When I arrived at Daniel's place, saw his pleasantly decorated home and tasted his lovely cappuccino-style coffee (which is my favourite!), the scales turned!" Carla shares that, at first, signing up for a dating site like Funky Fish was quite a big step to take: "I think I felt ashamed to be looking for a partner on the Internet. Also I wondered if one could truly get to know someone online. Eventually I really liked it."

Although Daniel didn’t browse profiles so called ‘prayerfully’, he believes that his relationship with Carla was an answer to his prayers. "I’ve always prayed for the right woman and I believe it’s God’s guidance that we have met." Carla agrees: "I believe God is able to use media to answer our prayers. I often shared my desires regarding a life partner with God. It’s wise to make sure that you know who you are and that you know what type of personality suits you best."

Don’t stare
Daniel also wants to give some advice. “Ladies: keep your first messages short and don’t bare your thoughts too easily. And don’t give up when men reply with ‘standard’ answers. It might simply be a nice way to let you know that they prefer fishing for another while. To all men: don’t stare. Interact!”

Daniel and Carla got married April 2012.
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