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SuccesStory: One Blog, Two Fishes And Three Dates

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Updated: 09-17-2012 10:30
Never before had they poached on one’s water territory. Yet when Eddy and Paula met for the first time last year, they had been swimming in Funky Fish’s waters for quite some years already. They came into contact through a blog. After some scribbles, a few bottles, some text messages and three dates, a love spark was ignited.

Paula: As an editor of Funky Fish, I usually take a look at the website daily. At the end of May last year I just returned from one week’s vacation and I signed in for the first time again. That night I noticed the title of Eddy’s blog, saying:"I seek...a cliché”. After I posted the blog on the front page, I teasingly scribbled in his guestbook: "Gee, I don’t see any of that cliché-free list on your profile!" There was nothing to it really.
Eddy: In response to Paula's comment in my guestbook, I sent her a bottle. I didn’t really have a great opening sentence, but I had written a new profile and asked Paula if she could give me some genuine female feedback.

First date
Eddy: In my view I’d already let Paula know that I quite liked her. Therefore I thought: “I’ll have you initiate a first date.”
So as well-behaved as I am I kept sending bottles, deliberately without aiming at a date.
Paula: More bottles were sent, with more questions that I answered politely. Soon enough I was fed up with emailing, so why couldn’t we just meet up for once? Early June we met on the terrace of a cafe at the IJ river in Amsterdam.
Eddy: I was seven minutes late, Paula ten. I have only told her months later.

Love at second sight
Paula: It wasn’t love at first sight, though I immediately thought of him as a nice guy. Our first date was very nice and relaxing. Reason enough to meet for a second time. Initially I thought that our contact could at least grow into a nice friendship, but then it turned out to be love at second sight.

Little love spark
Eddy: Except for Paula’s red hair there were no other 'red flags', so I thought to myself:'Let's go on second date!" We met two weeks later at a so called "ZOOmer evening” (a wordplay with ‘summer’, which translated to Dutch is ‘zomer’) in a Dutch zoo called Artis. Unfortunately it was rainy and cold. Under the fake starry sky in the planetarium of Artis a little love spark started flying.
Paula: The Monday after our second date I got an email saying: "Last Saturday a baby sea lion was born in the zoo! How could we have missed that?" I replied:“I thought you didn’t like babies.” The response I got was:”True, however there is a babe I’m starting to like more and more!”

Kissing at sunset
Paula: Date number three was at ’de Dam’, the famous pigeon filled square in Amsterdam. That night I texted:"Close to what pigeon are you?" Eddy replied: "Close to the gray one.”
It was a warm summer night at the end of June. We grabbed a bite on a terrace at the canal and then walked along the water towards the public urban park called ‘the Vondelpark’. After having caught a glimpse of the outdoor cabaret, we drank some wine on the lounge terrace of the Filmmuseum. There the spark of love stopped flying and simply hit me. At sunset we kissed each other for the first time. Meanwhile almost a year has gone by and we’re still in love.

Her smile and his eyes
Eddy: Her smile is fantastic and she has such a positive impact on the world around her. I love to sometimes just look at her when for example she asks for directions.
Paula: What I like about him are his eyes, his voice, his sense of humor and his courtesy. The courtesy of course has become less over time, but occasionally he still carries my bag or groceries. And when he holds my hand as we stroll around somewhere, I sometimes still think back of our first dates. I always thought that a relationship should be like coming home, and that is exactly how our relationship feels to me.

Paula: We are a live advertisements for Funky Fish! And I’m thinking about adopting a couple of goldfishes. Eddy: And she can take care of those herself. Furthermore we hope to hang out at Funky Fish for another while.

Did you make new friends thanks to Funky Fish or did you find love? Please let us know!
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