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MakeMyDate - How can I get more response to my profile?

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Updated: 07-20-2012 10:24
‘Make my date’ is the dating column of dating coach aunt Lu. Do you have specific questions about dating? Do you wonder about how to get in touch with that one cute fish? Would you like to prevent a horror date? Lu is never at a loss!
Larry (25) doesn’t understand why hardly anyone contacts him.
Three months ago I created a profile. It was about time to connect with a nice girl. I only received three comments, which in fact were questions about why I didn’t write more about myself.
I don’t get it: I filled out all the questions and wrote a couple of more lines saying that I like movies, gaming, and that I love listening to music and going out for dinner. That should be enough about me, right?
I very much enjoy browsing through pictures on the website, but I don’t really like commenting on them or sending bottles. It just takes too much of my time. If someone is interested in me, it’s up to them to get in touch!?
Aunty Lu’s response:

Dear Larry,
Look at you, you already took the first step! By creating a profile you also have access to wonderful opportunities that Funky Fish offers to its members.
However, you are the one who needs to seize the opportunity. The situation you describe sounds like you’ve been given the permission to drive a Ferrari but you keep the four wheeled beauty in the garage. Isn’t it a pity to only look at it once in a while and not do anything with it? Or like a Blackberry that you received with your cell contract but you leave it packed because you don’t know the possibilities this new phone offers.
What you could do first is enhance your profile. The general information at the top is actually like a resume with some factual ‘dry’ information. Just brighten up your profile so that you will be noticed more, but make sure you don’t come across like a bottle-beggar smiley. Use our advise and share something about yourself like what kind of work you do, studies and other interests. A good story and some key words invite people to respond.
You could also join different ‘shoals’ on our website. For example the one called ‘Parties and Outings’ (youth) age 18-35”. It’s a great bunch of people that take the initiative to meet one another through different outings. You could also join a shoal with a specific subject of interest, like movies, photography, cooking. It’s fun and it gives you more freedom to respond to people’s comments or not.

Give yourself and others some time. Getting to know someone doesn’t happen at the first glance. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the process! When you feel good and comfortable with yourself it will attract others!
Happy dates!
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