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Friendship and lasting love

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Updated: 07-23-2021 16:57
We need to talk about friendship. You might say, "Why? I already have enough friends. What I am looking for is a partner." Because you are looking for a partner, we think it is important to talk about friendship for a moment.

What do you appreciate most about your best friends?
When you think about your friends, what do you value most?
Probably that you can be completely yourself and vice versa. You are genuinely interested in each other's thoughts and feelings, you can talk about anything and you understand each other. It’s nice to do and experience things together. You trust and support each other and feel connected. Wouldn't it be important to experience all of this in a loving relationship with your (future) partner?

Friendship is the best recipe for long-term love happiness
Scientific research confirms time and time again that friendship is the best basis for a lasting love relationship. Couples who started off as friends have a better relationship; not only in the beginning but also in the long run. In their relationship, the 4 basic rules - trust, connection, security and responsibility - are strongly developed.

Making friends on a dating site?
Do you want a lasting love relationship? Then focus on friendship. It doesn't sound very romantic, but give it a try. When you look at profiles on the search page, ask yourself: could I become friends with this person? Don't just look at the photo, but immerse yourself in his or her personality. Other ways to find like-minded people on Funky Fish are: joining interest groups, participating in outings, blogging and commenting on blogs.

From friend to partner
As friends, you meet each other's needs for attention, acceptance, appreciation, confirmation, respect, involvement, sociability, camaraderie, support and so on. As you get to know each other better, you will discover whether you develop feelings for each other and fit in. In this way, the friendship can develop into a love relationship.

The importance of friendship in a love affair
Within a lasting love relationship (like marriage), friendship is indispensable because it determines the degree of intimacy. Mutual trust is the basis for a good sex life: you are not ashamed of the other person, you have no secrets from each other. Mutual trust is also necessary to be able to balance being together with time for yourself.
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What is a healthy relationship?
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