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Writing an inviting dating profile

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Updated: 01-18-2018 15:14
Having trouble writing a dating profile? An understandable text that highlights your uniqueness on Funky Fish? A catchy description that triggers nice reactions from other singles on this dating site? Increase your chances of a long-term relationship with the following useful tips for writing an inviting dating profile.

Step 1: Introduce yourself
Describe your day-to-day life and interests. Name your favorite activities. Be clear but not too specific. For example, you want to write something like: "I like to read thrillers" (clear) instead of "I like to read" (too general) or "I like reading thrillers from John Grisham" (too specific). Portray a fair image of yourself and tell something about your quirkiness; features that make you unique.

Step 2: Describe what you are looking for
Indicate what kind of person you are looking for. Which characteristics do you find important in a future partner? In which specific areas do you want to share common ground? What are the principles, interests, preferences and ideals that you would like to share with the other person?
This kind of information is essential for people who read your profile.

Step 3: What do you have to offer?
What makes you an attractive partner for the person you are looking for on this dating site? For instance; are you a cool, calm and collective person? Do you like to help out and/or doing chores? Or are you the type of person who loves to spoil their future partner with small gifts?

Use the 70:30 rule
An attractive profile text is best read if you spend 70 percent describing yourself. Therefore, more than two-thirds of your profile text is about you as a person and what you have to offer. The remaining 30 percent is used to describe the person you are looking for on this Christian dating site.

Limit your profile text to 200 words
Research shows that the most popular dating profiles are those with approximately 200 words. Keep it light-hearted and make ensure that your your spelling and grammar are free of errors. Preferably, close with an invitation to respond such as: "Curious? Send me a message. "
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