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All guys only want one thing!

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Updated: 08-01-2012 10:15
“GRMBL”, my friend Simone calls out. She almost flings her cell phone in the water that she was using for her dishes. “What’s wrong?”, I startle. “I only text messaged him that we were still supposed to go for a drink”, she explains “and THIS is his reply:” Should I deflower you straight away? smiley smiley

“Woah! Now, that is rude!”, I exclaim. We leave the dishes because this world record of rudeness silenced and overwhelmed us both. What a punk! And he even put down two smiles! By doing so he just ended up in the top ten of worldwide losers. If I wouldn’t be a Christian I would phone the feller and heap abuse on him. “This is such a confirmation of the Big Bias, the one according to the books”, I say. “Guys only want one thing!”, Simone says.

"It’s such a stupid prejudice", I reply "A very stupid cliché… And moooost of the time I don’t believe it to be true that boys are actually just like girls; looking for some TLC, a cup of tea, coziness, fun things to do together and have good conversations. That’s what I believe…, ninety-five percent of the time. But then, once in a while I come around a Mount Everest full of evidence against my very believe. Just like that time when this rotter law student immediately disappeared from the face of the earth when my answer to his (indecent) proposal was: 'Thanks, but no thanks…”.
“You see!” the Big Bias is calling out again, “I exist!” For girls romance is most important, for guys…….”

Simone sighs, “Usually I don’t agree with such prejudice either. He was a true sweetheart at times and we’ve had great conversations about philosophy and more. He’s a thinker as well. I know he’s playful and he’s made some naughty comments before, but never he was this rude. Nonetheless it’s not done.
Bummer! What a disappointment and what a raw confirmation of the always present slumbering thought in the back of my mind, saying: “ You see! Guys only want one thing.”

It takes three cups of hot tea to calm Simone down, have her text the boor “No way” and delete his number. The punk never replied.

“Well”, Simone says to me about two weeks later, “Whether the Big Bias is true or not, as long as I stick to my personal convictions I’ll soon enough know which guys are truly interested in me and which ones are only occupied with their….ermmm….things.”
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